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Living with an autoimmune disease like Celiac can make eating the right foods very frustrating and difficult to navigate. Especially if you have young children with food allergies who can’t tell which food items might pose a threat. That is why I love Kemnitz Family Kitchen’s labels so much. Whether you are throwing a party and want to protect guests with potential food allergies, or want to label gluten free foods in your own kitchen- Kemnitz has you covered. You can use the Kemnitz stickers and pics to clearly identify which food items are safe and unsafe for those with a gluten allergy. Kemnitz has recently expanded their line of labels to include “Vegan”, “Nut-Free”, “Kosher”, and labels you can fill in yourself.


In honor of Celiac Awareness Month and in partnership with Kemnitz Family Kitchen, I am giving away one FREE pack of Gluten Free Stickers and Pics. Please comment below and share your experience with food allergies or  how you plan to use the stickers for a chance to win!


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  • audreyanna vroman

    These are ridiculously amazing. I was diagnosed when I was 12 with celiac, but I was never told about it. After millons of trips to doctors and hospitals I was re-diagnosed when I was 18, but even then I still didn't quite understand what I was doing to my body. And it took till about 10 days ago from today that I took a trip to the emergency room learning what I had done to my body and now I'm 10 days gluten free. I live with my husband and it would be so much easier with stickers like these to know what it is and what is not gluten free. I may not be barn into my gluten free lifestyle but I can tell you that I'm fighting and I won't give up. KEEP CALM AND KEEP FIGHTING !

    • jennafreshandfit

      Hi Audreyanna! Thank you so much for sharing your story! It sounds like you will put the labels to great use! I will contact you via email for your address and send the labels out right away!

  • audreyanna vroman

    This is amazing, I really will put them to use and I cannot wait! Thank you so much!

  • JayHaptin

    I don't have celiac disease, but decided to eat gluten free to help with my bad acne. I feel so much better eating gluten free and I absolutely love your tips.

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