My Trip to the GFAF Expo: A Gluten-Free Eater’s Wonderland!

My first trip to the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo was an inspiring and fun experience, to say the least. From a Blogger and Dietetic Technician’s standpoint, it was fascinating to see how far products for people with food allergies have come. The gluten-free cupcakes, breads, cakes, and brownies that were available would knock any seasoned pastry lover’s socks off.  I sampled the amazingly tasty Lemon Poppy-Seed cake from Outrageous Baking, which I am still having food fantasies about.  I also tasted the BBQ sauce over at the Two Fat Guys booth.  Their BBQ sauce is a clean eater’s dream come true. Not only is it gluten-free, but there is also NO high fructose corn syrup, soy or MSG. I sampled their spicy BBQ sauce which had a nice amount of tang and sweetness as well as a little kick. I will be stocking up on their sauces for grilling season without a doubt! The Gluten Free Mama’s booth is where I met two of the  youngest representatives at the expo. They shared with me a brochure showcasing all of Mama’s gluten free goods from pancake mixes to pizza crusts!


The Expo also showcased some great non-food vendors, which I thought made for a truly well rounded experience. There was makeup and body product vendors like Red Apple Lipstick and NYR Organic Skincare. I also came across Door to Door Organics which is “Part grocery delivery, part co-op” as Colin, one of the representatives told me. They offer fresh local organic produce in a variety of sizes that is delivered  to your door. You can also purchase grass-fed beef and dairy.  I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Nelson of Kemnitz  Family Kitchen. Her business offers a wide array of gluten-free labels for your kitchen and any food that may pose a threat to those with gluten sensitivities. These labels are extremely handy to have if you are cooking for a large group or especially if you have young ones with food allergies.


One of my favorite things about the expo was the amount of classes that were available to the public. Just outside the expo, were seminars on topics from “Traveling Gluten and Allergy Free” to “Eating Away Inflammation.” I was very impressed with the amount of education going on at the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo.



It was wonderful to meet so many people just like you and me, who have food intolerance’s but still want to enjoy the food they love. So they came up with creative ways to still make those foods and have become successful business owners as a result. Getting to talk to and meet so many of the vendors and people who have turned their food allergies into success stories was inspiring to me. I left the Expo feeling very empowered and excited. I plan to stay in contact with many of the vendors I met and will even be advertising some of them right here on Fresh and Fit.

To sum up my experience at the GFAF expo, I will say that there was something for anyone who would like to learn more about eating gluten free.  There is no way you can leave this expo without learning something or trying something new. I am grateful I was welcomed to be a part of the blogger team this year and look forward to what I will find, try and learn at next years Gluten and Allergen Free expo!

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  • Maureen Stanley

    Hi Jenna! Thanks so much for being a part of our GFAF Expo Blogger Team! It was great meeting you - thanks for all that you do :)

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