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I would like to start off my latest product recommendation by expressing my past frustrations with buying dried fruit. I have put countless packages of dried fruit items back on the shelf since becoming a “Clean-Mostly Paleo” eater. I would turn the package around only to find that they added sugar to the already super sweet fruit, or even oil and preservatives. Buying beef jerky would have been out of the question, because I had no trust in what the animal was fed and how it was processed. I questioned if it was ever meat to began with after reading the ingredient lists on popular beef jerky brands.

So that brings me to Primal Pacs. I am very excited to share these Primal goodie bags with you. That’s exactly what they are. Primal Pacs are a Gluten-Free, Preservative- Free, Grain- Free, Dairy-Free snack or pre/post workout fuel.  If I have learned one thing from the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, it is that its devotees LOVE to eat. And most of them also follow a rigorous workout routine that is anything but typical. So it only seems natural that Primal Pacs would serve up 24 grams of protein, and that’s in one of their small pacs! To make Primal Pacs pack an even bigger nutritional punch, Most of that protein comes from the organic grass-fed beef jerky, which is unbelievably moist and flavorful. Grass-fed beef (full of Omega-3s and CLA) is a staple in any clean eaters diet, so it is nice to have a portable snack food that incorporates it. I will be taking them with me when I hit the trails hiking, stair climbing and mountain biking this summer. I found that they are great to combat the craving for something salty-sweet. The pacs are also filling without slowing you down and great for keeping blood sugar stable between meals. They even come in a convenient resealable pouch.

Luckily for us, we aren’t living in the Paleolithic Era anymore, so you can order Primal Pacs on your computer and have them sent to your doorstep! Click the Primal Pacs logo below and fuel up!

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Fresh and Fit Followers! If you would like to try the Primal goodness for yourself,  leave a comment below! I only have a few to share, so I will pick random followers and send them their pacs!

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  • marianne taylor

    love to win primal pacs!!!

    • jenna1029

      Marianne, Josh, Lisa and Kim you are the winners! I will contact you ASAP for your addresses! Thank you so much for playing!

  • Josh

    Love the review and would love to try some.

    • jenna1029

      Marianne, Josh, Lisa and Kim are the winners! I will be contacting you for your addresses! Thanks for playing!

  • lisa

    i would LOVE to try these. wondering how they stack up to steve's paleo kits.

  • I've been hearing so much about these Primal Pacs. I would love to try one. :)

  • Christine Rezek

    These are great for road trips too! When you're stuck in a car for 4 + hours, you need something to snack on.

  • Theresa

    Pick me! Gotta try snacks that are clean.

  • Heather O'Brien

    love to try fabulous!

  • jenna1029

    The contest has ended. But you can still order your Primal Pacs at ! Stay tuned for a new contest and new product giveaways soon!

  • Michael

    We received our bulk order of Primal Pacs in the mail and I was a little surprised how sickly sweet the mango was (and devoid of mango flavor). I could hear the sugar crunching as I bit down. Since our order was shipped in a bulk mango box including ingredient label, it was pretty easy to confirm that they have sugar added. We emailed Matt at Primal Pacs and inquired if the mango was sugar free, the response was “to the best of my knowledge”. So we checked for him. Consulting Dr. Google and the information on the side of the box, I quickly ascertained that this is the importer: And this is the producer: These are ‘low sugar’ mangos and are 60-70% sugar. This product has two kinds of fruit in it, and both of them are sugar added. We can do much better. Dried fruit is delicious, it needs no sweetening. To promote sugar added products to people is just nonsensical in my opinion. Go to Trader Joes and buy a bag of “Just Mango”, you can see what unsweetened Mango tastes like… it is delicious. Here is a picture of the box our bulk order of Primal Pacs came in:

  • Matt Pierce

    The information left by Mike is not accurate. He is completely misguided and is working with Steve Liberarti to slander our excellent product. We do not add sugar to our products. We actually are one of the only preservative and sugar free Jerkies out there. We source our mangoes from Glory Bee Foods in Oregon. Not whatever company Mike has posted. We source our cranberries from Bouncing Berry farms in Oregon as well. No added sugar in either product. Mike your fact checking sucks and you have no right to spread the rumors your spreading. You should find more productive ways to spend your time.

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