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PlanetBox Eco-Friendly Lunch Box


PlanetBox is a line of stainless steel eco-friendly lunch boxes. They have thought of it all when it comes to functional and convenient ways to store your lunch on the go. PlanetBox offers three different sizes of lunch boxes, making it easy to customize lunch for adults and kids alike.

The lovely folks at Planet box invited me to test out one of their eco-friendly lunch boxes. I received the “Launch” style box and found it to be ideal for packing everything I wanted for lunch. The box has three different sized compartments and a handy storage cup for condiments. planet-box-2

The Launch box had plenty of space– making it perfect for storing a midday snack of sesame cashews along with my caprese salad and 2 oatmeal cookies for dessert. What I love about this company is that I also received a super adorable canvas sunflower printed carrying case for my PlanetBox. See, I told you they’ve thought of it all!

The PlanetBox is excellent for keeping cold foods like sandwiches and salads chilled for longer. Simply pack your box and store it in the refrigerator overnight.

For more information on PlanetBox, check out their website



Kemnitz Family Kitchen Giveaway!

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Living with an autoimmune disease like Celiac can make eating the right foods very frustrating and difficult to navigate. Especially if you have young children with food allergies who can’t tell which food items might pose a threat. That is why I love Kemnitz Family Kitchen’s labels so much. Whether you are throwing a party and want to protect guests with potential food allergies, or want to label gluten free foods in your own kitchen- Kemnitz has you covered. You can use the Kemnitz stickers and pics to clearly identify which food items are safe and unsafe for those with a gluten allergy. Kemnitz has recently expanded their line of labels to include “Vegan”, “Nut-Free”, “Kosher”, and labels you can fill in yourself.


In honor of Celiac Awareness Month and in partnership with Kemnitz Family Kitchen, I am giving away one FREE pack of Gluten Free Stickers and Pics. Please comment below and share your experience with food allergies or  how you plan to use the stickers for a chance to win!


Primal Pacs- Paleo on the go!


I would like to start off my latest product recommendation by expressing my past frustrations with buying dried fruit. I have put countless packages of dried fruit items back on the shelf since becoming a “Clean-Mostly Paleo” eater. I would turn the package around only to find that they added sugar to the already super sweet fruit, or even oil and preservatives. Buying beef jerky would have been out of the question, because I had no trust in what the animal was fed and how it was processed. I questioned if it was ever meat to began with after reading the ingredient lists on popular beef jerky brands.

So that brings me to Primal Pacs. I am very excited to share these Primal goodie bags with you. That’s exactly what they are. Primal Pacs are a Gluten-Free, Preservative- Free, Grain- Free, Dairy-Free snack or pre/post workout fuel.  If I have learned one thing from the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, it is that its devotees LOVE to eat. And most of them also follow a rigorous workout routine that is anything but typical. So it only seems natural that Primal Pacs would serve up 24 grams of protein, and that’s in one of their small pacs! To make Primal Pacs pack an even bigger nutritional punch, Most of that protein comes from the organic grass-fed beef jerky, which is unbelievably moist and flavorful. Grass-fed beef (full of Omega-3s and CLA) is a staple in any clean eaters diet, so it is nice to have a portable snack food that incorporates it. I will be taking them with me when I hit the trails hiking, stair climbing and mountain biking this summer. I found that they are great to combat the craving for something salty-sweet. The pacs are also filling without slowing you down and great for keeping blood sugar stable between meals. They even come in a convenient resealable pouch.

Luckily for us, we aren’t living in the Paleolithic Era anymore, so you can order Primal Pacs on your computer and have them sent to your doorstep! Click the Primal Pacs logo below and fuel up!

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Fresh and Fit Followers! If you would like to try the Primal goodness for yourself,  leave a comment below! I only have a few to share, so I will pick random followers and send them their pacs!

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Grapefruit Seed Extract – Reap the Benefits

One of my favorite new super products in alternative medicine is something I sort of stumbled upon this week. I had heard in the past that Grapefruit Seed Extract is very good to have on hand when traveling to other countries to combat food borne illness and prevent the dreaded food poisoning from starting. So I made note of it in my iPhone for future travel and have since forgotten about it. That was until this last week when I was sick with a sinus infection. I was sitting in my local clinic waiting my turn, wondering how much this visit was going to cost me. I decided to start searching natural remedies for a sinus infection. I noticed that on almost every site I came across, Grapefruit Seed Extract was listed. The sites said to put a few drops of the highly concentrated GSE into a Nedi pot and use as usual. I decided to go to my local health food  store and give this a try instead of waiting at the clinic. I did the rinse twice that evening and by later that night my face didn’t have the pressure or pain I was experiencing.
Nedi pots work great on their own, but I think a few drops of GSE gives it an extra boost and is definitely worth a try. The reason GSE is used for sinus infection is because it is highly antimicrobial and therefore wonderful for killing the bacteria that cause infection. While I am still feeling a little stuffed up, my sinus infection seems to be getting better instead of worse like it was before the GSE. Grapefruit Seed Extract has many more uses as well. It can be used as a household disinfectant or used to kill mold in showers when combined with water in a spray bottle, it may prevent cancer due to it’s high content of antioxidants, it is a natural anti-fungal and anti-viral agent, great for toe and nail fungus, safely disinfects fruits and vegetables, boosts the immune system, can be used as a throat gargle for sore throats and even fights strep throat. I recommend keeping it in your medicine cabinet and if nothing else, use it to safely clean your house!